Monday, January 31, 2011

Kid's Valentine Day Card Class

Good Morning My Stamping Friends, I wanted to let you know that I still have spots left in my Kids Valentines Day Card Class. I was going to do a small Stampin' Up! class for a few of my local friends that were asking to stamp Valentines Cards with their children but more and more people mentioned they were interested so I've turned it into a full class at my house. It will be held at my house and I still have spots left. Here are the details:

Who: Everyone is invited to come and stamp with your children. My girls have the day off school so they'll be here stamping and helping too (or watching a movie in the playroom).
What: Kid's Valentines Card Class - The class comes with ONE mailbox (the photo shows three, but when you RSVP you'll need to let me know if you want red, white or pink; I don't have many pink left so RSVP fast, first come first served) and FIVE 3x3square cards and matching envelopes that are in the photo with the mailbox. These cards are great for anyone from preschoolers and up. The cards are clean and simple and are made with line art stamps so your child can color them and can add faces onto the 'monster' stamps.
Cost: The class costs $5 for the mailbox and the five cards and matching envelopes.
Where: My House in Falls Church, VA (call for directions if you need them)

When: Tuesday, February 1, 2011. 9:30- 11:30 and 1:00 to 4:00. You'll probably need about 30 minutes to stamp the cards from the class so come over anytime during the open hours but make sure you have enough time to stamp.
Why: Valentines Cards are great to give to friends, family, classmates, teachers, members of your congregation, neighbors and......anyone that you'd like.

These are the cards we'll be making in the Valentine Card Class on Tuesday.

Class Add-Ons:

You can add on another set of the five class cards and envelopes for $3 per set. You can choose to do the same cards in the class or you can add on the cards from Option 2 or Option 3. At this point the class is not full so if you are going to choose to add on another set of cards, you may choose to select a certain card and make multiples of that one. Please let me know that in your RSVP.

The cards below are from the Add-On Option #2

 The cards below are from the Add-On Option #3

Please RSVP by 10 pm Monday night so I can have your papers cut and ready for you when you arrive on Tuesday.

When you RSVP I will need to know:
  • How many children are coming to the class
  • What color mailboxes they would like
  • If there will be any add-ons and how many
  • A general idea of what time you'll be coming over on Tuesday.
If a parent books a party to show you and your friends (or your children and their friends) how to stamp, you'll get a special gift from me

Call me at 703-200-2340 or email me at with any questions and have a fantastic day!



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  2. I really like all the designs...Do you wish to use Gift Card envelopes for it.